WRBM Wire Rope Hoist

The ACI Wire Rope hoist is ideal for handling large loads with fast lift speeds. The frame and covers of the hoist are made from steel to ensure structural integrity. Frame and control box are weather protected against dust and water.

Standard Features

  • H4 Duty Cycle (Max. Run Time ~30 min./hr., 300 max starts/hr.)
  • Upper & lower limit switches.
  • Lifetime lubricated gears and bearings
  • Heavy Duty, wear-resistant load chain.
  • Sealed body suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, including harsh environments.
  • High performance mechanically and electrically interlocked contractor.
  • Dual-speed hoist motor (optional adder).
  • We can customize this hoist to your specific needs. Contact us to find out how.

Why Choose The WRBM Hoist?


We strive to create a product that guarantees safety and reliability you need to take on the challenges of every day business. Our WRBM wire rope hoist allows you to get the most out of your equipment without needing constant maintenance. As a standard feature, this hoist includes upper and lower limit switches to guarantee reliability.
Ideal for applications for various industries, the WRDG hoist is designed to handle the heaviest of lifting operations. Maximixing operational efficiency, this hoist mounts on a double girder crane for maximum support of your workflows.
Easy to Operate
With increased ergonomic operation, this hoist reduces the need of an entire team to oversee lifting. Our innovative hoist design minimizes swinging to ensure a true vertical lift.
Safe & Reliable
Designed with a welded steel body, drop forged hook block and adjustable steel wheels on the motorized trolley, this hoist will outlast the most demanding applications.