Basic Information About Chain Hoists

If you are dealing with heavy-duty projects and require help lifting heavy objects, chain hoists are a perfect solution. Both manual and electric chain hoists help to pull up, lift, and move heavy objects safely and efficiently. 

Chain hoists consist of a chain and pulley system to lift the equipment or machinery you require from one place to another. They are used across a diverse number of industries to increase safety and efficiency on location

ACI Crane is proud to offer a variety of manual and electric chain hoists to our trusted clients. Learn more about chain hoists below or feel free to contact ACI Crane if you’d like to discuss your needs in more detail.

Choosing The Best Chain Hoist 

Chain hoists come in different shapes, sizes, and lifting capacities. It’s important to choose the best option based on your lifting needs. 

The two main types of chain hoists available are manual and electric. Below we’ll discuss some of the primary differences setting manual and electric chain hoists apart.

Differences Between Manual and Electric Chain Hoists

Electric hoists are generally heavier than manual hoists. Their steel housing protects their internal components. These types of hoists have an electronic control panel. The hook and chain is on the sides of the hoist itself.

Manual chain hoists are generally lighter than electronic ones. One of the more common uses for manual hoists is with tow trucks. The composition is made lighter and usually includes heavy cables and gears underneath the cables. 

The most essential aspect of using either type of hoist is that the operator has a full understanding of how to operate it safely and efficiently. In addition, it’s important to consider how the hoist will be mounted. 

If you have heavy lifting needs, chain hoists can be a powerful investment that helps you complete your applications both safely and more easily. To learn more, please contact our team.