Standard Features Include: 

Capacity Range: 1 to 15 Ton, Higher capacities and custom designs are also available, just give us a call.
Our top-running end truck wheels are machined and hardened to 450 – 500 Brinell, the highest hardness rating in the industry.
Fixed axle bores, machined from carbon steel are perfectly aligned for smooth travel and quiet operation.
Standard wheel bases from 36″ to 126″, but we are happy to custom build your end trucks however you want them made.
ACI End Trucks are factory configurable for a range of input voltage.
Control Panels are available for your crane, and each is UL508A approved, prewired, and tested.
We highly recommend variable drives for all motorized end trucks; ACI’s custom settings will save you time and money by reducing load handling time, while increasing safety and equipment lifespan.
Rush orders welcome
Any questions? Give us a call! We can customize any product to your specific needs. Contact us to find out how.

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METD08048F15: End Truck


METD08090P00: End Truck


METD08048G00: End Truck


METD08048S10: End Truck


METD08072G00: End Truck


METD08072S10: End Truck


METD08090G00: End Truck


METD08090F15: End Truck


METD08060P00: End Truck


METD08060G00: End Truck


METD08060S10: End Truck


METD08060F15: End Truck


METD08072F15: End Truck


METD08048P00: End Truck


METD08072P00: End Truck


METD10060G00: End Truck


METD10060F50: End Truck


METD10048G00: End Truck


METD10048F50: End Truck


METD10072G00: End Truck


METD10072S20: End Truck


METD10072F50: End Truck


METD10048P00: End Truck


METD10048S20: End Truck