Standard Features Include: 

Capacity Range: 1 to 15 Ton, Higher capacities and custom designs are also available, just give us a call.
Our top-running end truck wheels are machined and hardened to 450 – 500 Brinell, the highest hardness rating in the industry.
Fixed axle bores, machined from carbon steel are perfectly aligned for smooth travel and quiet operation.
Standard wheel bases from 36″ to 126″. We are happy to custom build your end trucks however you want them made.
ACI End Trucks are factory configurable for a range of input voltage.
Control Panels are available for your crane, and each is UL508A approved, prewired, and tested.
We highly recommend variable drives for all motorized end trucks; ACI’s custom settings will save you time and money by reducing load handling time, while increasing safety and equipment lifespan.
Rush orders welcome
Any questions? Give us a call! We can customize any product to your specific needs. Contact us to find out how.

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METD08090S10: End Truck


METD08048F15: End Truck


METD08090P00: End Truck


METD08048G00: End Truck


METD08048S10: End Truck


METD08072G00: End Truck


METD08072S10: End Truck


METD08090G00: End Truck


METD08090F15: End Truck


METD08060P00: End Truck


METD08060G00: End Truck


METD08060S10: End Truck


METD08060F15: End Truck


METD08072F15: End Truck


METD08048P00: End Truck


METD08072P00: End Truck


METD10060G00: End Truck


METD10060F50: End Truck


METD10048G00: End Truck


METD10048F50: End Truck


METD10072G00: End Truck


METD10072S20: End Truck


METD10072F50: End Truck


METD10048P00: End Truck